Tools for beings which are socially equal, humanly different and totally free.

If you would like to decapitalize your euros to collaborate with Komun (we will convert it into something productive outside the capitalist system), you can make us a donation. Also to establish synergies, please get in touch with us: contact

Or if you are already a member of Bank of The Commons you can make us an immediate transfer with the option Wallet to Wallet indicating the Company Token: 5b0045bf19059

We also accept donations in cryptocurrencies:

Faircoin: faMvnv6q5PZ1yG6v5XqG3rnbCQ8aQRJPQv

Bitcoin: 1AH6HCh4bVN5fMx8v8csiinhAzxKGeNpr2

Litecoin: LdZF66p59QFNMdnnw79a2m5LGJmgu91xtG

Libre Money Ğ1: 24jaf8XhYZyDyUb7hMcy5qsanaHBC11AwPefcCQRBQNA

Many, many thanks!

Current Kollaborators (in € or more than 100⨎).

Every three months a Transparency Report is published in the telegram groups about all our services and to solve doubts, because transparency is not mentioned, it is demonstrated.